Project: Saint Jhn - 3 Below

Production Company: Red Audio
Ex. Producer: Red Audio & Lokal Legends
Producer: The ORG
Directed by Anthony Supreme
DP: Jonathan Chou
2nd AC: Pat
Editor: Red Audio
Creative Director: Palm Creative
Colorist: David Torcivia
Steady-Cam OP: Steady Mike
Styling: Alexandra Cronan + Alexandra Imgruth
Makeup: Allie Smith
Hair: Kim
Casting By: Juice God
Film Processing: Pro8mm in Los Angeles, CA
Film Scanning: Pro8mm in Los Angeles, CA
Sound Design: Red Audio
Thanks to the City of NYC + Harlem, USA

Dreamville Presents: Revenge (Documentary)

This is the official documentary chronicling the Revenge of the Dreamers III sessions in January 2019 at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Directed by David Peters

Written by Matt Carter & Scott Lazer

Produced by Scott Lazer Executive Producers: Jermaine Cole, Ibrahim Hamad, Adam Roy Rodney

Directors of Photography: David Peters, Matt Patroni, Chase Fade, Anthony Supreme

Edited by Matt Carter Assistant Editor Amani Hill Associate Producers Matthew “Matty P” Robinson, Mwango “MK” Kasote Sound Design & Mix: Sam Costello Colorist: David Torcivia Graphics & Art Direction: Felton Brown Animation by David Peters

Ay! Caramba

Directed by Anthony Supreme

GoldLink - Dark Skin Woman (Music Video)

Directed by Anthony Supreme

Denzel Curry - Ultimate

Directed by: Anthony Supreme & Ryan Schaefer Prod. By Ronny J Never one to follow rules Denzel takes his Freshmen Campaign to the next level & into his own hands releasing a pitch of his own.


Project : Rome Fortune - Blicka Blicka

Rome Fortune may seem like an Atlanta anomaly. But that's only if your idea of the ATL is trapped inside a two-dimensional stereotype of the Southern rap capital. His newly released video for "Blicka Blicka" showcases the sojourn of an eccentric artist navigating his way through an industry fraught with potholes and a tendency to pigeonhole.

Wrapped in a soundscape as idiosyncratic as Fortune's plaid-on-plaid-kilt ensemble, the experimental track, produced by collaborator Cubby, features electro-pan-flute flourishes over synthy West African rhythms. But the real grabber here is the high-octane onomatopoeic hook: "blicka blicka bow bow." Like shots fired, the repetitious mantra is Fortune's way of flexing on the world for having ever doubted his eclectic appeal. This is the same dude, after all, whose cross-genre come up includes pairings with acts ranging from fellow Atlantan Young Thug to London's Four Tet.


Ex. Producer by: Red Audio
Directed by: Anthony Supreme
Director of Photography: Johnathan Chou
AC: Alex Alezra
Steady Op: Collin Scouten
Edited by: White Ibis
Colorist: Red Audio
Label : Fool's Gold Records

Janelle Kroll - Loose ft Morgxn
Label: Lokal Legends Records
Ex. Producer: Red Audio
Director: Anthony Supreme
DOP: Russ Fraser
Editor: Red Audio
Colorist: Jack Caskwell


Project : J.I.D - D/vision ft Earth Gang

Label: Dreamville / Interscope Records

Ex.Producer: Salmo Cuts + Red Audio

Producer: Scott Lazer

Director: Anthony Supreme & Scott Lazer

DP: Russ Fraser

2AC: Cizko Xavier

Editor: Scott Lazer

Colorist: David Torciva

Project: Cantrell - Keep Yappin

Label: Mass Appeal
Ex-Producer: Motion Family 
Director Anthony Supreme
Editor: Preme 
Colorist: David Torvcia

Project : Quincy - Don’t Know Nothing

Directed by Anthony Supreme
Producer by Lex Luther
Production Manager: Joseph Barbalaco
Production Coordinator: Ladon Lewter
DP: Johnathan Chou
1st Ac: Tevin Texeira
Gaffer: Joey Luu
BBE: Steahen Ho
Key Grip: Kevin Ramirez
BBG: Pablo
Colorist: Loren Jame White
Art Director: Joan
Stylist: MArk Clark
HMU: Marina
PA: Nickolas Segovia + Aurda Green
Lead Female: Vanessa Garcia
Background Cast: Waymond Lee, Gelberto Coloma,Nora D. Smith, Gianni Harrell , Michelle Kwon, Trang Vo, Darren Kho,Kelly Ractham, Jacob Lau, Ellen Yuen, Joshua Han, Sonya Zhang, Johnson Le, Jennifer Mun



While J. Cole was traveling around the country shooting the film, 4 Your Eyez Only, he stopped at Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA to speak with students and share an experience he had shooting a scene in the film.

Dir: J. Cole, Scott Lazer
EP: Jermaine Cole, Ibrahim Hamad, Adam Roy Rodney
Prod: Tim Grant
DP: Isiah Donté Lee, Scott Lazer, Anthony Supreme
Additional Camera: Kazmo Kida
1st AC: Karim Belkasemi
Color: David Torcivia
Edit: Roberta Spitz, Charles Frank
Audio Mix: Elad Marish, Shane Watson @ Swell Music + Sound
PA/AE: Gabby Obremski
VFX: Nic Stark
Post Production: Voyager Creative


Project : Child Actor - Against the Night

“Against the Night” In the video, two female lovers stroll through a roller coaster ride of emotions. Full of fights, smiles, make-outs, and adventures, the video fully embodies Child Actor’s unique sound of pop and dreamy shoegaze. It is further evidence that Child Actor should soundtrack nostalgic 80s films.

Artist: Child Actor
Label: Fake Shore
Production company: Red Audio
Director/Editor: Anthony Supreme
Producer: Red Audio & Guy Blelloch
Director of Photography/Color: Isiah Donté Lee
1st Assistant Camera: Anthony Goodman
Gaffer: Ayinde Anderson
Cast: Connie Saltzman & Madison Rae


Project: Cozz - Grow

"J Cole's surprise project Revenge of The Dreamers 2 is a collaboration with members of Dreamville Records rappers that included Los Angeles lyrical mastermind Cozz. In the track "Grow," which features guest Correy C's smooth vocals, Cozz takes us to his hood and straight inside his home.

The visuals are surreal -- like a messed up Boyz n the Hood. The video is one long slow take. The seemingly omniscient camera shares an intimate look at the block where Cozz built his angsty, ambitious outlook on life. Cozz shows you why he has no choice but to grow.

He's still young but he's learning from his mistakes. He doesn't want to end up like some of his peers, who wasted their chance at something worthwhile. Meanwhile, Correy C sings "I'm bout to blow up on them, baby."

Dir: Anthony Supreme, Scott Lazer
Prod: Red Audio
DP: Isiah Donté Lee
Steadi: Collin Scouten
Color: David Torcivia
Edit: Roberta Spitz
VFX: Nic Stark
1st AC: Karim Belkasemi
2nd AC: Anthony Christian Goodman
Label: Dreamville/Interscope


Project: Era Istrefi

Label: Ultra Records
Ex. Producer: Mad Ruk Ent
Production Company: Red Audio  
Producer: Lex Luter
Director: Anthony Supreme
Director of Photography: Russ Fraser
Editor/Colorist: Red Audio
Sound Engineer: Dean Aguirre
Audio Engineer: Jeff Thompson

"Albanian Kosovar singer-songwriter Era Istrefi is the latest act to catch Patrick Moxey’s attention. The Ultra Music founder and president says he first came across Istrefi’s work on YouTube, where he watched the music video for her new single, "Bonbon."

Label: Vice Records/Warner Bros

Producer: Red Audio

Director: Anthony Supreme & Mike Marsco

VFX: Jamie Williams

Directed by Anthony Supreme